Psychological safety, connection and leadership and Happiness at Work

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Global Online Happiness at Work Summit
Psychological Safety

On September 20th, we start the International Week of Happiness at Work 2021.
During that same week, you can also join the Global Happiness at Work Summit, run by The Woohoo Partnership.
Discover 6 themes, covering the most important topics for workplace happiness & future-proof workplaces right now.

Psychological safety is the most important factor in high performing teams, and high performing teams are happy. Research from Amy Edmondson shows that the the basis for a positive work culture and more happiness at work is psychological safety. But what is it and what does psychological safety mean in different organisations all over the world? What are the stages of psychological safety? And how do you create psychological safety? Which behaviour is necessary, what tools can you use and what does leadership has to do with it? What is the relationship between psychological safety and trust? The items within this theme provide the answers. Co-director of The Woohoo Partnership Fennande van der Meulen interviews experts like Ellen GroveJennifer MossDavid Bellamy and many others.

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  • Mental Health and Happiness at Work
  • Flexible Working
  • Psychological Safety
  • How to build a positive work culture in our new way of working
  • Financial Happiness
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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